Sanitas and SIX Payment Services

Sanitas and SIX Payment Services

Innovation with the right partner

Pay outstanding service and premium invoices easily, quickly and securely by credit card or with TWINT? There’s no longer such a thing as no can do. The collaboration between SIX Payment Services and the health insurer Sanitas shows how you can stay one step ahead of the industry with the right partner.

One thing is clear for Sanitas, the largest health insurer in Switzerland: access to health has to be as easy as possible for customers. Always in touch with the latest trends, the Swiss health insurer tries to surprise with innovative health products and services.

Health is the greatest commodity and digitalisation is much more than just a buzzword. However, an optimised online payment experience for customers is far from standard in the Swiss insurance industry. Sanitas is taking on a pioneering role here together with SIX Payment Services.

The joint solution

To determine customer needs, Sanitas carried out a representative survey of what customers wanted when it came to paying invoices. The survey indicated a clear trend towards paying with new means of payment. This huge potential with respect to an improved online payment experience formed the basis for the successful collaboration with SIX Payment Services.

As a European market leader in payment transactions and transaction services, SIX Payment Services is the preferred partner for Sanitas. A complete solution for credit cards and TWINT processing was developed together. The standard for the solution was to deposit card data in a completely secure environment. The PCI DSS certification requirement was fully complied with by Saferpay from SIX Payment Services. 

A healthy dose of innovation, please

With the new solution, card data is also automatically filed for recurring charges, as part of an optimised online customer experience. Managing information within the app is therefore very simple. 

With the new payment process, Sanitas offers real added value for existing and future customers. Once again, the Swiss health insurer is living up to its pioneering reputation in the insurance industry together with SIX Payment Services.

Alain Kamm, Project Manager, Sanitas

“People have become accustomed to paying by credit card or with TWINT when shopping online. It’s easy and it’s fast. We are proud that we are now able to offer our customers these payment options in an insurance setting as the first health insurer in Switzerland to do so. The settlement process is even easier for our customers and we are proud to have SIX Payment Services on our side as an experienced partner. It’s only thanks to the straightforward and close collaboration between SIX Payment Services and Sanitas that we have been able to realise this project within a short space of time.”