Contactless payment

Contactless payment

Happy customers and greater efficiency for bakers

Hardly any business benefits from contactless payment like bakeries do. It has to be quick – for the buyer and the seller. Cashless payments, particularly contactless payments, are catching on more in the industry.

Payments by cash prevailed until recently. Now there has been a change in trend towards recognising cashless payments, particularly contactless payments. With around 3,000 bakery and confectionery shops, SIX Payment Services wants to tap into a traditional segment for contactless payments throughout Switzerland.

Away from cash, towards greater efficiency

Bakeries have preferred cash for a long time. The reason for this was their low prices. But these prices are also perfect for contactless payments, which do not require a PIN and only take a few seconds.

A number of new SIX Payment Services customers are now witnessing a trend reversal towards cashless, mostly contactless payments. An increasing number of bakeries are now offering their customers card payments and mobile payments.

In collaboration with SIX Payment Services, we have equipped our ten branches with minimum installation and training expenditure. Customer acceptance is extremely high. Buyers are happy to get their card or smartphone out to pay for their croissants. Regardless of whether it’s a contactless debit card or a mobile app, the payment process is fast and efficient, even for our staff.

Oliver Häni, Managing Director of Steiner Flughafebeck AG

Optimised processes ensure happy customers

Bakeries are optimising cash register processing with cashless payments, thus saving time and resources. Speed is key, especially in the high-frequency sector. When paying for baked goods, fast processing is very important. Especially because consumers are less and less prepared to stand around waiting.

In cities in particular, it sometimes takes buyers seconds to decide whether they want to buy their sandwich there or from another nearby competitor in the morning rush hour. And so a fast payment process immediately brings more efficiency to the frequency-driven business – for bakeries with a traditionally small sales area and low individual turnover too.

In the past few months, SIX Payment Services has equipped a number of bakeries in the German-speaking region with over 1,000 terminals in more than 700 branches – from that little village bakery to regional bakeries to large branches. A quick coffee-to-go, a brioche bun and then the customer has to get going – there is nothing as practical as simply ‘tapping’ your card or smartphone as you are passing.