Dynamic Currency Conversion for card payments

Make payments in your shop easier for international customers. With the free DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) service, your terminal or online shop automatically recognises foreign cards and immediately converts the payment into the buyer’s home currency.

Your international customers can conveniently pay in their home currency, making sure they feel at home while abroad. The payment amount is dynamically converted with DCC, i.e. at the daily conversion rate. Dynamic Currency Conversion pays off for your international customers and for you as a merchant: your customers get a better overview of their spending and you get commission for each DCC transaction.

Why DCC?

DCC ensures that there is a win-win situation for everyone involved: your international customers can pay for their purchases directly in their card currency and you as a merchant will receive an attractive reimbursement for each DCC payment. It should be noted that all payments are always made to the account in CHF even if international customers have paid in their local currency.

DCC is particularly suitable for merchants that want to offer their products to international customers or want to grow internationally. Dynamic Currency Conversion is also available for your online shop with Saferpay.

More transparency for the cardholder

The DCC added value solution ensures greater transparency for card payments. The cardholder normally only finds out how expensive their purchases abroad actually were and what exchange rate was used in their monthly statement. Thanks to DCC, a customer will know the actual amount charged to their card when they pay in the shop.

How does Dynamic Currency Conversion work?

Your terminal will automatically recognise foreign cards with DCC. The local purchase price is converted directly into the card currency on check-out. Customers can decide whether they wish to pay in the foreign currency or their home currency. In just a click, they can confirm the conversion of the purchase price and get an overview of their spending.

Best rate guarantee

Your international cardholders benefit from the best daily exchange rate with DCC. If one of your customers pays with the same card on the same day at a better exchange rate, we will refund the difference. You will not incur any additional costs. Your customer can have the difference credited directly by SIX Payment Services.