Easy payment for your customers using a QR code

Easy payment for your customers using a QR code

Multifunctional static QR code for Saferpay

In Europe, the use of mobile payment options with QR codes is becoming increasingly popular. Worldline is responding to this trend: With our multifunctional static QR code, we make it possible for customers to pay by scanning a QR code, both in-store and online.

For many countries such as China, paying by QR code has been an everyday option for longer than just since the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone uses them, from luxury retailers to street vendors. Now this trend is spreading over to Europe: Especially since the beginning of the pandemic, contactless shopping is a wave that shows no signs of ebbing, even here.

Worldline launches static QR code

With the launch of this multifunctional static QR code which accepts cashless payment, we’re responding to the increased demand for new, contactless options for paying. The new solution can be generated through the existing Saferpay Secure PayGate solution and then integrated quickly and easily in just a few clicks of the mouse. 

Contactless payment for wine – no payment terminal needed

Our client Bechtel-Weine has successfully incorporated the new payment method into its brick-and-mortar stores and web shop. Previously, Bechtel’s customers were able to pay for their wine purchases by card at the terminal, mobile via TWINT or by purchase on account in the web shop. However, this did not cover all known means of payment. In addition to the web shop solution, Bechtel-Weine is now also using the static QR code.

Easy integration

The QR code is easy to generate and can be integrated quickly.

Multifunctional applications

Whether printed out at the point of sale or online on the website or in emails: there are countless ways of using the QR code.

Payment guarantee

One advantage over buying by invoice is the payment guarantee. This eliminates the need for payment reminders.

Simple and smart payment by QR code

Paying by QR code is very easy and works with the most popular mobile payment methods: TWINT, PayPal and Wallets as well as Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

The new payment method is particularly interesting for restaurateurs or small and micro businesses, such as bakers, kiosks, market stalls and farm shops, as a card reader alternative. Saferpay’s static QR code is also ideal for your omnichannel business and can be used by retailers to successfully link offline and online channels.

About Bechtel-Weine

Bechtel-Weine in Eglisau am Rhein is one of the best wineries in Switzerland. Their first-class wines have received numerous awards such as the Great Gold-Pinot Mondiale (Pinot Noir, Bechtus) and Gold-Grand Prix du Vin Suisse (Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot). Mathias Bechtel, owner and cellar master, has been developing his own style of wine since 2008 and has been running a wine cellar with his own grapevines since 2017. He was named 2019 ‘Rookie of the Year’ by the Gault & Millau gourmet guide.

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