Virtual showroom in the Metaverse

Virtual showroom in the Metaverse

Worldline enters the Metaverse

The opening of our own virtual showroom in the Metaverse is a milestone: It makes us one of the first payment service providers to have a presence in the virtual world. The aim is to support our merchants in harnessing the enormous potential of the Metaverse to their own benefit.

The term ‘Metaverse’ refers to a virtual space in which people can interact using virtual-reality technologies – creating a direct link between the real world and the digital one. In the Metaverse, users can gather, communicate, play games, go shopping or even work. The Metaverse is considered an up-and-coming, innovative channel that can be used for social and business purposes; it is gaining in popularity as Web 3.0 develops further. It is expected to lead to unprecedented virtual shopping experiences. 

Payment solutions for the Metaverse

The Metaverse’s future success depends upon whether users are provided with a seamless point of access for payment solutions in the virtual world. That’s why we’re investing in developing Metaverse-related products. We have a special focus on products that are tailored to the needs of merchants who themselves have entered the virtual realm and intend to do business there.

The payment solution we’ve developed in collaboration with Bitcoin Suisse makes it easier to dive into this new universe. While goods and services in the Metaverse are usually sold exclusively with Metaverse-owned cryptocurrencies (such as MANA, SAND and AXS), our solution enables payments with cryptocurrencies as well as traditional means of payment. This makes for a simplified virtual shopping experience for all Metaverse users.

Among other projects, we’re currently working on white-label shops. A seamless and secure link is created between the real and virtual payment environments thanks to the fact that merchants can offer their Metaverse customers the use of the entire spectrum of means of payment from our portfolio.

Worldline in the Metaverse

The Worldline showroom is located in Decentraland, near Crypto Valley. Thanks to this busy and central location, we’re able to connect our merchant network with the activities in the Metaverse, creating visibility for our customers in the virtual sphere.

What does the Worldline showroom offer?

  • Merchant of the month: As the centrepiece of our virtual showroom, every month we showcase one merchant with one new product. Visitors can purchase the product directly.
  • Coffee Nook: The Coffee Nook facilitates social interaction and informal meetings between Metaverse users, merchants and Worldline representatives.
  • Virtual stage: The virtual stage is designed as an event venue and space for virtual product presentations and knowledge sharing with users from Decentraland.
  • Support for charitable projects: We are currently supporting projects in places such as Ukraine in cooperation with a well-known charitable organisation. Taking social responsibility and helping people in need is one of our central concerns, which is also reflected in our Metaverse presence.