Scan, order and pay using a web app

Scan, order and pay using a web app

Digital payment methods in the hospitality industry

The future of payments is cashless – whether using a debit or credit card with chip, the contactless feature or a smartphone directly. Our partner Yoordi has developed a solution that enables restaurant owners to process orders and payments intuitively using a web app in their restaurant. Integrated into the app is our Saferpay online payment solution.

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With Yoordi, your guests can order food and drinks, reorder and pay directly through the web app and they can do all this without waiting or downloading an app. Guests can access Yoordi using the browser on their smartphones. The benefits are clear: faster order and payment processing, reduced waiting times and reduced workload for serving staff.

Order and pay without waiting

Using QR codes on the table, restaurant guests can access the Yoordi web app without registering. Each table is assigned an individual QR code. Each guest can choose their preferred dishes using the digital menu. Subsequent orders can also be easily placed using Yoordi.

Tailored solution for restaurant owners

The web app can be connected to many common cash register systems. An order then proceeds as usual for the serving and kitchen staff. However, Yoordi can also be used by restaurant owners without cash register integration. The solution can be used anywhere in the hospitality industry, including chain and individual restaurants, take-aways, delivery, events or room service in hotels.

The web app can be adapted to the respective needs, and it is available in different versions:

Payment made easy with Saferpay

Our Saferpay payment solution ensures fast and secure payment in Yoordi. Guests are offered a wide variety of common payment methods – just like in an online shop. Mobile payment with TWINT or Apple Pay is also supported. The payment process is quick, easy and secure thanks to direct integration into the web app.