yomani touch XR

yomani touch XR

The new terminal by SIX Payment Services

SIX Payment Services is extending its product portfolio to include another modern and flexible terminal: the intuitive yomani touch XR.

More and more people are using the opportunity to make cashless payments in shops. There is therefore high demand from customers and merchants for fast and easy payment processing. The SIX Payment Services product portfolio is continuously being expanded and optimised to offer you, the merchant, the most up-to-date and secure terminals.

The new yomani touch XR ensures fast cashless payments to your POS and its excellent level of efficiency, even during periods of high customer frequency, is impressive. This efficiency is ensured thanks to fast data processing and integrated contactless technology, which come as standard on every SIX Payment Services terminal. NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless technology also enables you to accept mobile payment solutions, such as Apple Pay or Alipay, in your shop. Since May, the terminal is available in the PINPAD, AUTONOM and COMPACT versions, and can be cash register-integrated and used with a printer or merchant unit.

The new terminal stands out because it offers the following advantages:

  • Convenient touch display (3.5”)
  • Can be integrated into any cash-register infrastructure
  • Particularly well-suited to hotels, restaurants and retail outlets
  • Contactless function for faster payment
  • Acceptance of mobile payment solutions
  • Latest PCI PTS 5.x security standard

The terminal with touch display

With its user-friendly touch display, the yomani touch XR increases customer satisfaction at your POS, thus contributing to achieving the best-possible payment experience. The touch screen also differentiates the terminal from its predecessor model, the yomani XR, which did not yet have this handy feature.  

Secure payment processing with the most up-to-date security standard

The terminal also has the latest PCI 5.x security certification. Different price models and service packages from SIX Payment Services also provide you, the merchant, with maximum flexibility.