Completely climate-neutral

Completely climate-neutral

Worldline neutralises all CO2 emissions

Worldline is the first company in the payment industry to completely neutralise its CO2 emissions. This includes all activities in the data centres, offices, on business trips and throughout the life cycle of Worldline terminals.

The commitment of Worldline to climate neutrality is part of a comprehensive environmental strategy. This strategy aims to reduce energy consumption as much as possible and to focus on zero carbon and renewable energies. The remaining CO2 emissions are offset by investing in a carbon offset programme.

In 2018, Worldline was the first payment transactions company to achieve climate neutrality. This milestone is the result of a continual improvement programme: Four years ago, the company launched its own Corporate Social Responsibility programme “TRUST 2020”. Worldline has also set itself ambitious goals for climate protection as part of its CSR activities. We focus, for example, on energy efficiency in data centres, offices and on terminals. At the same time, business travel will be optimised. Worldline has further committed to reducing its carbon intensity by 2 percent each year. This strategy is supplemented by an ambitious plan for renewable energies. The energy supply to all the data centres and offices is set to be 100 percent renewable.

Climate-neutral solutions for customers

Worldline is now able to offer all its customers fully climate-neutral solutions and support them on their path to greater sustainability. Customers can therefore declare all services hosted by Worldline with ‘zero’ on their greenhouse gas balance sheet. Through its extensive activities, Worldline aims to exert a positive influence on the whole ecosystem - customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders.

We are proud to be the first company in the payment industry to completely neutralise its CO2 emissions. With the growth of digital use and data volumes, energy consumption and the CO2 emissions associated with this continue to rise. As one of the leading data processers in the industry, Worldline is always looking for ways to reduce its energy consumption and CO2 emissions. By achieving our TRUST2020 environmental goals and becoming a climate-neutral company, we are demonstrating both our commitment to the fight against climate change and our ability to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

Sébastien Mandron, CSR Officer Worldline

Renewable energy for India

Not all company activities can be carried out in a completely carbon-neutral way. A climate protection programme has been introduced to offset these CO2 emissions. Worldline is investing in a wind farm project in India to enable the development of renewable energy in this region. The electricity that is generated is fed directly into India’s state electricity network to meet the population’s increasing need for energy. This project is certified according to the highest internationally-recognised standards, the ‘Verified Carbon Standard’ and the ‘Gold Standard’ in cooperation with EcoAct, a company specialising in carbon strategies.

Worldline neutralises all CO2 emissions

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