Till Integration Module (TIM)

Till Integration Module (TIM)

The POS protocol of the future

Customer-friendly, reliable and flexible: the Till Integration Module (TIM) from SIX. The new POS protocol allows your customers to make secure and easy payments in all sales channels, making it a thoroughly future-proof solution.

Those who want trading success in today’s world not only need to make the consultation a positive experience for their customers, but also the buying process. It is therefore crucial to offer customers as many different and user-friendly payment options as possible. At the same time, a cost-conscious merchant wants to plan as far ahead in the future as possible when acquiring an infrastructure for the buying process. For example, when expanding abroad it is preferable to be able to keep working with the same system. TIM makes all this possible: The flexible interface can be used on all common POS systems as well as on the most important mobile platforms with Android and Apple iOS operating systems.


A modern and flexible interface for all POS systems

TIM is suitable for both stationary and mobile POS systems, and guarantees smooth communication between your application and payment terminal. The modern and flexible interface ensures that every transaction runs securely and reliably, whilst offering the highest level of comfort for the user: You and your customers can use all the amenities of ep2 without any limits. TIM can be integrated into existing or new infrastructures quickly and easily – regardless of the system.


Secure payment flow – also via mobile platforms

Thanks to its unique architecture, not only can TIM be used with all proven POS systems, it can also be used on the most important mobile platforms amongst the Android and Apple iOS operating systems. A software variant for Microsoft Windows (mobile) will be made available at a later date. Just like transactions via a conventional POS system, mobile payment transactions are also processed through the secure SIX payment flow. Thanks to TIM and an extensive range of payment services, SIX is already able to offer you a proven complete solution for mobile payments from a single source.


SIX and TIM – your recipe for success

The four main suppliers for payment terminals – Ingenico, Verifone, Wordline and Paytec – all rely on TIM without exception. (And the majority of SIX terminals used across Europe already support the promising POS protocol without any restrictions. The protocol is in the integration phase for other terminals). Cashless transactions have been in constant and rapid change for a few years now. TIM provides our partners in retail with the perfect instrument for covering all sales channels (POS, e-commerce and m-commerce). As a competent solution provider, SIX makes sure that your hardware and software components are perfectly coordinated and that your payment system functions reliably – no matter when or where.