SIX, trusted partner of Les Espaces Saveurs

SIX, trusted partner of Les Espaces Saveurs

The key principles of a successful partnership in the domain of cashless payment management include establishing a relationship based on trust, getting the best possible value for money and project-wide support by means of high-performance, tailor-made solutions developed by specialist teams. Our interview with Dominique Colaianni, managing director of Les Espaces Saveurs S.S.

What are the main challenges facing your restaurant chain right now?
The international and discerning customers of Luxembourg have been motivating us to keep coming up with new ideas for more than 25 years. In our profession it really is essential to evolve on a daily basis in order to consistently excel and keep surprising our customers. Service quality plays a crucial role in this regard: it must be impeccable as it is undeniably a part of ensuring customer loyalty. Each and every one of our Espace Saveurs is regarded as a centre of gastronomy and conviviality, where the standard of the food on offer is as high as the service we provide.

After a trial period with another provider, you once again decided to entrust SIX Payment Services with the management of your electronic payments. Why is that?
Without a doubt, SIX sets the standard in the card payment industry. We actually tested the service offering of another provider but were not at all satisfied, particularly as far as customer service was concerned. After repeated issues we ultimately got back in touch with the sales representative who was previously in charge of our collaboration with SIX. In a sector where service excellence is essential, it is imperative that our providers offer the very best service which we ourselves intend to offer to our customers. At SIX we were treated with the same professionalism and warmth that we have come to expect from them. They immediately took care of everything and the transition was complete before we knew it. With one less thing to worry about, we were then able to completely focus on our own responsibilities.

Would you recommend SIX Payment Services? If so, why?
SIX offers by far the best value for money on the market. Their customer service is impeccable. Skilled, always attentive and extremely responsive. Knowing we are in such safe hands offers us real peace of mind. Not only that, but all of our contacts are based here in Luxembourg and employed directly by SIX, which simplifies things enormously. And the solutions proposed by SIX are perfectly adapted to suit our needs in the restaurant industry. What more could we want?

How would you describe the relationship between your two companies?
SIX is more than just a provider, it is now a true partner of Espaces Saveurs. Trust is essential in this kind of relationship. We were able to build a direct, fruitful relationship with the sales, technical and support teams at SIX, who are always happy and willing to help. They provide us with sound advice on all of our projects and allow us to envisage the future with peace of mind.