Optimum payment solutions with just a few clicks of the mouse

These days, business customers expect modern, user-friendly digital processes. This is exactly what the new service goCard!, which was launched by SIX in spring 2017, offers: Those interested can quickly and easily register as new customers and order the products and services they require for a future-proof payment solution online.

Thanks to goCard! from SIX, those interested can become customers with just a few clicks of the mouse: The whole registration process can be done online in minutes via user-friendly self-onboarding. The terminals required or the desired e-commerce solution can then be ordered immediately.


Attractive all-inclusive packages

goCard! makes it easy to register and order the payment products required – and will also win you over with its transparent pricing: The attractive all-inclusive packages include a transaction package as well as the terminals required or the desired e-commerce solution. The monthly revenue-based total price guarantees an optimum overview of costs. goCard! is currently available in Switzerland; the new service will also be introduced in other European countries in the coming months.


Mobile terminal package with mPRIME

The newest and most innovative product on the goCard! platform from SIX is the mobile package with mPRIME: Cashless payments can be accepted from a wide range of credit and debit cards thanks to a revolutionary app from SIX (available for the iOS and Android operating systems) via Bluetooth connection with any smartphone or tablet. The required mPRIME terminal is delivered within just a few working days after the package has been ordered on the goCard! platform and just has to be linked with a smartphone or tablet – and then cashless payment can begin! The mobile terminal package is already programmed for foreign currency conversion (Dynamic Currency Conversion, DCC) and also offers the user access to the SIX customer portal myPayments and the analysis tool myCompany.


Chatbot Nina answers customers’ questions

Nina was brought to life on the goCard! platform in the middle of 2017: The chatbot is an independent learner, answering customer questions in real time about registration, products and services received and the order process. Users can communicate with Nina 24/7 via a user-friendly chat window – currently in German, but soon to be available in other languages, too. Want to know more? The goCard! platform by SIX – and Nina – can be found online via this link: www.six-payment-services.com/gocard