Giftcard Easy: say goodbye to paper gift vouchers!

Giftcard Easy: say goodbye to paper gift vouchers!

Issue your own gift cards with ease in the form of a credit card to ensure the loyalty and diversity of your customer base, all while increasing your sales performance. The service subscription as well as the ordering of materials is taken care of in just a few clicks of the mouse in our online shop.

Giftcard Easy, our brand new gift card system, is now available to all SIX customers in Luxembourg. This system allows you to create gift cards with ease in the form of plastic credit cards that are customisable, rechargeable with the amount of your choice and directly compatible with the SIX payment terminals in use at your various points of sale. An easy-to-use web-based interface allows you to manage the system as you wish and displays the number of cards sold, transaction details, open sales and expiration dates.

Why use gift cards?
First and foremost, they are an excellent gift idea for your customers. Gift cards are actually extremely popular and are increasingly sought after by shoppers who are keen to give a gift to their nearest and dearest, no matter what the occasion: a birthday, newborn baby, Valentine’s Day…

The benefit for you is that the system allows you to ensure the loyalty of your existing customers and also helps you acquire new customers who are eager to visit your shop so that they can spend their gift card. Even more importantly, gift cards are a source of additional sales: purchases made using gift cards very often exceed the value of the gift card itself.

What are the benefits of Giftcard Easy?

  • An end to the complicated, manual processing of paper gift vouchers.
  • Compatibility with your current SIX payment terminal: payments are processed just as easily as with classic bank cards.
  • An overview of the cards sold, transactions made and expiration dates – keep a detailed overview of everything using our dedicated online portal.
  • Ensuring the loyalty and growth of your customer base: your customers will keep coming back to rediscover your stores for the opportunity to use their gift card.
  • Increased sales performance: gift cards are a pure source of additional profit and also generate further sales.
  • A wide range of standard designs to choose from for all occasions or card customisation using the design of your choice with numerous accessories also available.
  • Any amount remaining on the card after its expiry date is automatically assigned to you.

Why will your customers love these gift cards?

  • A gift card is ideal for any and all occasions.
  • Giftcard Easy allows your customers to make payments quickly and easily in store.
  • Using the iOS/Android app or the online portal, your customers can check their card balance, transactions and the expiration date of their gift card with ease and at no extra cost.
  • Customers are able to recharge their Giftcard Easy with an amount of their choice while the gift card is still valid.

Start right now!
It couldn’t be easier to start offering the gift cards right away: subscription and card ordering can be done in just a few mouse clicks.

  1. Subscribe to our solution and order your gift cards and accessories directly from the SIX Giftcard Easy online shop.
  2. Get your cards and start selling them to your customers right away (display stands are on sale in our online shop).
  3. Use the system with ease: charging, recharging and processing payments using the cards could not be easier with the help of our instruction manual.
  4. Stay in control using our dedicated online portal which allows you to access all the information on the number of cards sold, all of the transactions made as well as the expiration dates of cards.
  5. Order more: new orders can be made directly through the SIX Giftcard Easy online shop.