Cross-border mobile payment from a single source

Payments in seconds – simple and convenient. Mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular, and the acceptance of mobile wallets is experiencing strong growth. Alipay+ enables you to reach over one billion mobile users and increase your revenue.

As a master wallet, Alipay+ includes the most popular wallets from Asia and Europe, and offers you an easy way to accept payments from all supported digital payment methods. You can now offer Alipay+ easily – and without additional infrastructure: in-store and online. From QR code payments at the point of sale, to automatic in-app payments, Alipay+ is convenient and secure.

Alipay+ at the terminal

Alipay+ works with all Worldline terminals that can display a QR code – stationary or mobile, integrated or standalone. Activating Alipay+ is easy and straightforward. The payment works fully automatically via QR code.

Payment process at the terminal:

Alipay+ in e-commerce

With Alipay+, fast and cross-border online transactions are easier than ever, allowing international customers to enjoy your products and services. Integrate Alipay+ into your online shop and simplify the check-out process for your customers, as no manual data entry by the user is required.

Payment process with a smartphone: