Accept payments on the go

Accept payments on the go

Link/2500 Portable Flex and Link/2500 Portable Pinpad

Even before the coronavirus crisis, the demand for cashless payments was growing – whatever the size and type of company. Customers want to have the option to be able to pay securely and easily by card, even in smaller shops. mPOS terminals are ideal for takeaways, delivery services and smaller merchants.

The trend away from cash to card payments has arrived in every industry. The demand for cashless payments from customers has increased sharply since the start of the coronavirus crisis. Accordingly, the demand for fast and easy payment processing is also high.

Whether it is retail store, a repair service, a restaurant, a delivery service, a hairdressing salon or a beauty salon: With our practical mPOS terminal, you can accept card payments with mobile terminals everywhere – using the contactless feature and completely risk-free.

Whether you need a mobile terminal that you can connect to your existing cash register solution or are looking for a simple way to accept card payments on the move, we have the right solution with Link/2500. The terminal is available as a stand-alone terminal (Link/2500 Portable Flex) and as an integrated solution (Link/2500 Portable Pinpad), offering you and your customers maximum flexibility.

Available soon:
Link/2500 Portable Flex - the mobile stand-alone terminal

With the new mPOS terminal, you’ll be well-equipped for the future. Coming soon to Switzerland. Accept card payments quickly and easily with Link/2500 Portable Flex – using the contactless feature or the integrated card reader. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, operating the mobile card terminal is easy. Allow your customers to pay securely and quickly using their preferred payment method.

  • Can be used flexibly with 4G or a WiFi connection
  • Quick selection of the most important payment functions via the start screen
  • Digital purchase receipt via e-mail
  • Accept all common debit and credit cards as well as mobile payment solutions such as TWINT

Link/2500 Portable Pinpad – the mobile cash register-integrated terminal

The Link/2500 Portable Pinpad can be easily connected to your existing (tablet) cash register infrastructure. The integrated terminal can be used in combination with many cash register apps for tablets (iOS/Android). Thanks to WiFi connectivity, the terminal is portable and flexible to use – your customers pay wherever it is most convenient for them.

  • ECR-integrated terminal
  • Portable and flexible thanks to WiFi connectivity
  • Ideal in combination with many cash register apps for tablets (iOS/Android)
  • Compact and ultra-light
  • Accessories available (multicharger, spare battery, etc.)
  • Accept all common debit and credit cards as well as mobile payment solutions such as TWINT