Online payment solution in just a few clicks

Online payment solution in just a few clicks

WL E-Payments and WL Pay by Link

With E-Payments and WL Pay by Link we offer you a simple way to access online trade. Order the solution you want online in a matter of minutes. And the best thing is - you just pay for each successful transaction with no fixed costs or monthly fees whatsoever.

The online shopping trend is unstoppable. In the past, many a merchant has differentiated themselves from industry giants such as Amazon by positioning themselves in a shop offering comprehensive on-site services. Ever since the exceptional situation with COVID-19, there has been a shift in people’s thinking and for many merchants the move to online trading offers a creative solution for replacement and additional business.

Our “selfboarding offers” are a quick and easy way to access online business. Our offer includes two popular solutions - WL E-Payments (payment solution for your web shop) and WL Pay by Link (payment links) - which you can now order really easily online.

Order the solution you want and get started in e-commerce

No fixed costs

You only pay for every successful transaction.

Variety of means of payment

goCard! Card Acceptance E-Commerce Worldline

Support in your language

Free technical support from 24/7, 365 days a year.


WL E-Payments
Payment solution for your web shop

* 1.3% surcharge for non-domestic commercial cards and transactions outside the EEA
  Setup fee: CHF 0.-, chargeback fee: CHF 30.-