Self-service made easy

Self-service is becoming increasingly popular, whether this is at a petrol station, in a car park, at a vending machine or at the self-checkout in a supermarket. The new all-in-one VALINA terminal, which has a touch screen, guarantees ease of payment at unattended points of sale.

The trend is going in the direction of increasing autonomy at the point of sale. An easy-to-integrate and secure payment solution is also required for self-checkouts and unattended points of sale. New in our product range for unattended terminals: the compact all-in-one VALINA terminal.

Small but mighty... that’s what VALINA is all about. The unattended terminal is flexible in terms of integration, installation and maintenance. It accepts all common means of payment and also allows customers to make payments using a smartphone or smartwatch. The terminal also guarantees secure transaction processing thanks to the PCI 4.x certificate and strong customer authentication and supports Android-based business applications.

Easy to integrate

The smaller the better is the motto when payment solutions are needed for fully-automated branches or vending machines. And this is understandable because the goal is to save space whilst having an attractive appearance, maximum security and a self-explanatory user interface. The VALINA all-in-one terminal meets all of these requirements. The terminal combines a card reader, PINPAD board, contactless reader and a colour touch screen in just one powerful and space-saving device.

VALINA is the perfect terminal for all unattended points of sale. With its modern design and appealing user interface, VALINA also takes the user experience to a new level. The touch display and user interface ensures that the payment process is convenient and seamless for customers. The compact terminal is operated exclusively through the touch screen. The installation format meets European Vending Association (EVA) guidelines.

Possible uses for VALINA

  • Car park ticketing machines
  • Automated fuel dispensers (from the end of Q2 2021)
  • Ticketing
  • Self-checkouts
  • Food and coffee machines