Klarna Payments

Klarna Payments

New means of payment for Saferpay – fewer abandoned purchases for our merchants

A high number of payment cancellations in the shopping cart poses a challenge for many online merchants. One reason for this could be the means of payment on offer. Or those not on offer. That is why we are constantly expanding the means of payment on offer.

Saferpay’s payment system for all online solutions makes shopping really straightforward. The cloud-based payment solution ensures secure payment processing for all orders placed through web shops. The right choice of means of payment is also crucial for merchants when it comes to reducing abandoned purchases.

More means of payment – more turnover

A broad range of payment options prevents unnecessary abandoned purchases, as customers prefer to pay with methods they are already familiar with. The more cards and additional means of payment merchants accept, the greater the chances of increasing turnover and encouraging spontaneous purchases. Until recently, merchants were able to process a total of 26 means of payment on the web shop using Saferpay. With Klarna Payments, three more methods have been added: 

All three means of payment are easy to integrate on the Saferpay payment page.

In Switzerland, paying by invoice is just as popular as paying by credit card: according to the Swiss e-commerce opinion survey carried out in 2020, 76% of respondents said they preferred these two payment methods. Integrating Klarna Payments isn’t just worthwhile for online merchants for this reason. Klarna also assumes both the credit and fraud risk for all payment methods.

Pay Now

Customers make payments quickly, easily and securely. Secure bank payments are made in just a few seconds. Klarna Pay Now also supports recurring payments and subscriptions.

There are various ways to Pay Now:

Instant funds transfer
Fast and secure payment via online banking. Klarna bears the risk associated with credit and fraud loss so merchants will always receive your money.

Direct debit
Making payments by direct debit is convenient. Customers’ data is filed away so they can pay with just one click next time. This saves time and Klarna bears the risk of potential losses.

Pay Later

Customers buy now and pay later (between 14 and 30 days, depending on the country). This increases flexibility at the checkout and provides a smooth shopping experience. Klarna will send the invoice to customers by e-mail. Returning customers are recognised and the information required is pre-populated.


Financing increases customers’ purchasing power and merchants benefit from higher turnover and better conversion rates by offering financing options – without any complex or time-consuming application processes. Customers can choose between two instalment options:

Flexible from month to month
Flexible instalments of up to 24 months, with no fixed term. Customers decide how much they want to pay each month. The balance can be paid in full or the minimum monthly payment can be made.

Fixed payment plan
Fixed instalments that are constant and predictable – for example, pay in 6, 12 or 24 monthly instalments. Buyers can choose their own instalment plan, giving them security and financial freedom.