Certification for the location in Zurich

Innovative and simple payment solutions for our customers with a positive environmental impact at the same time? This is achieved with a comprehensive climate strategy and a lot of hard work on the part of our environmental teams.

The climate strategy of Worldline/SIX Payment Services deals with the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions of data centres and offices, as well as terminals and employee business trips. The comprehensive environmental measures are aimed at reducing energy consumption, especially carbonaceous energy, therefore making a contribution to the fight against climate change. This allows us to offer our customers eco-efficient and sustainable payment solutions.

One clearly defined goal for Worldline is to reduce the CO2 emissions generated. How can this be achieved? By running data centres and office buildings in an eco-efficient way, reducing business air travel by employees and using renewable energies to generate electricity. One major milestone has already been reached: climate neutrality for Worldline. 

There are specially commissioned environmental teams for Worldline locations which promote the implementation of global measures. One of these environmental goals is achieving ISO 14001 certification for strategic data centres and all locations that have more than 500 employees.

What does ISO 14001 stand for?

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for environmental management. According to ISO 14001, an Environmental Management System (EMS) forms the framework for managing the immediate and long-term environmental effects of a company’s products, services and processes. Certification under ISO 14001 shows that a company’s environmental management system meets international industry-specific standards.

  • Internationally recognised environmental management
  • Ensures improved environmental performance for a company
  • Eliminates risks that endanger environmental protection
  • The best, sustainable use of resources

The aim is to reduce the environmental impact and implement clearly defined environmental goals. Sustainably using resources in the best possible way, continuously improving the environmental management system and making employees aware of all environmental issues are among the measures.

Worldline’s environmental management system, which meets this ISO standard, has already proven to be effective: it was possible to improve energy efficiency and subsequently reduce emissions.

Goal achieved: environmental certification for Zurich location

The Worldline/SIX Payment Services location on Hardturmstrasse in Zurich is now one of a total of twelve Worldline locations certified under ISO 14001. The environmental measures at the location are closely linked to the use of the building’s infrastructure. As an example, this includes reducing electricity consumption by using LED lights and motion detectors. Another focus is on waste separation and prevention: providing appropriate containers on every floor at the location, providing comprehensive information for employees and employees making copies in black and white instead of colour copies all contribute to this reduction. The initiative of every single employee is particularly important here.

However, certification does not mean the end of the hard work which is being put in. Environmental management at the Zurich location and throughout the whole Worldline group is something ongoing: we are constantly looking for ways to further reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.