Subway Europe and Worldline

Subway Europe and Worldline

Select sandwich, pay and enjoy

Subway restaurants in Europe are being equipped with our highly modern payment solutions. We will ensure secure processing of all payments at the point of sale and in e-commerce and provide terminals in stores.

Fast and simple payment while shopping is an important component of a seamless guest experience. Guests expect payments to be made efficiently and as quickly as possible. For such a large organisation like Subway, with numerous franchisees across Europe, this simplicity is one of the keys to success.

Payments with Worldline throughout Europe

In future, we will support the Subway brands in numerous countries throughout Europe with customised payment solutions at the POS and in e-commerce. Our extensive expertise in implementing multinational projects in the franchise sector is pivotal for a successful partnership with Subway.

The yomani terminal enables us to ensure a completely future-proof payment infrastructure for Subway. Using the new NEXO retailer log lets us reach a whole new level of flexibility. It makes the connection between the payment infrastructure and the cash register system significantly easier.

Our payment solution for Subway in Europe

  • Modern omni-channel solution
    Payment solution for both POS and e-commerce
  • Online onboarding for franchisees
    The onboarding portal allows franchisees of Subway Europe to easily request their payment solution online
  • Extensive reporting
    Consolidated reporting of all payment flows provides valuable insights and decision-making aids on all levels
  • Optional Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) for touristic areas or locations with multiple currencies
  • Advertising opportunity at the POS

Justin Goes, Regional Director Europe of Subway International

“The Subway brand largely depends on a seamless customer experience, which every single one of our locations guarantees. To help our franchisees live up to this claim, we aim for the greatest possible ease and simplicity, including – and especially – when it comes to payment. Our partnership with Worldline, our central provider of payment technology, guarantees the right services at the cash register, as well as maximum flexibility now and in the future.”