Easy and secure payment via a link

Easy and secure payment via a link

Saferpay Secure PayGate

Make payments easy for your customers. With Saferpay Secure PayGate you can send individual tailored offers and invoices which can be settled online using an encrypted link – without needing to manage your own web shop.

Invoicing often takes a lot of time and money. The same applies to payment reminders and checking receipt of payments. One reason for this is that lots of companies still use outdated manual processes. That is not necessary – you can also manage this process really easily online.

Do you want to give your customers the option of paying their invoices online, but you don’t have your own web shop? You don’t need to with Saferpay Secure PayGate. Your customers can pay online as normal with the feature integrated in Saferpay, making it really easy and secure.

With Saferpay Secure PayGate, you can create individual tailored offers or invoices for your customers with encrypted payment links. The URL is sent directly by e-mail or can be integrated into the invoice. Payment is made online. You are, therefore, offering your customers the standard that they’re used to from online shopping. And invoicing is made significantly easier for you.

Better protection for card data

Saferpay Secure PayGate is not only a secure, up-to-date solution for prepayments, third-party payments and voucher payments – it also means you and your employees no longer have to handle sensitive card data. You also always have an overview of your offers and booking confirmations via Saferpay Backoffice.

The advantages for you of using Saferpay Secure PayGate:

  • Increased data security in accordance with PCI DSS
  • Large selection of means of payment for your customers
  • Your employees don’t need to manually enter credit card details
  • Security for your customers thanks to 3-D Secure
  • Your customers pay in their local currency with DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

Automated process thanks to the new API

With the new Saferpay Secure PayGate API, the payment links which are created can be directly sent to and processed in any merchant system. This means the processes are fully automated, regardless of whether the invoices are sent by e-mail, post or online. This not only saves you time, but also enables your customers to settle the invoice using their preferred payment method.