Worldline Tap on Mobile is an innovative application that enables merchants of any size to accept contactless payments with the aid of a smartphone or tablet. Customers only need to tap their payment card or mobile phone past the Android device, like they would do with a payment terminal.  

Worldline Tap on Mobile provides merchants with an efficient payment solution for accepting contactless payments as it is:

  • modern, practical, simple and fast,
  • flexible and suitable for all areas of business, without the need for an additional device,
  • secure, PCI-certified, with PIN code entry for payments exceeding the contactless limit,
  • compatible with third-party applications.

Flexible solution for a variety of merchant needs

Worldline Tap on Mobile is addressing the requirements of retailers looking for speed and flexibility, perfectly suits the needs of small shops, as well as sectors that provide mobility services such as home delivery services, taxis, market gardeners, market vendors etc.

For medium-sized and large enterprises, Worldline Tap on Mobile can be used to complement a main payment solution during seasonal sales peaks, when opening a pop-up boutique or for certain one-off events. The application makes it possible to reduce waiting times at the check-out and evolves along with retailers’ needs.

Fast self-onboarding

Thanks to online registration, merchants can sign up autonomously and fast in order to install and utilise the Worldline Tap on Mobile application on their device. The solution can be configured and made fully operational very quickly, thus avoiding a cumbersome waiting period.

More information about the Worldline Tap on Mobile solution here.