Worldline, the European market leader in payment and transactional services, has today launched YUMI, a payment device that marks a turning point for customer-merchant interactions. The innovation brings together physical and online commerce and is customizable to the retailer’s brand.


Thanks to its ability to rotate 360° the user-friendly device always faces customers, providing an intuitively designed omnichannel point of interaction. The high-end multifunctional device has a sleek, modern design and takes the customer experience to a whole new level.

Worldline’s latest payment innovation YUMI is designed to drive customer satisfaction and brand loyalty with an intuitive, trusted and friendly interface. The Android operating system supports apps that further enhance the total customer experience.

The device can be integrated with local point-of-sales (POS) systems or used as a standalone terminal. It is available in two configurations, either as a countertop or portable terminal, with a range of communications options.