Despite the increasing popularity of card payments, particularly for low value contactless payments, Austrians still like to carry cash and what is more practical than having the option to withdraw some cash while shopping?

Regular customers of denn's Biomarkt can now obtain cash at all 28 markets throughout Austria when paying for their in-store purchases. The popular organic market is offering its customers a service that has long been commonplace in other European countries. In Austria, SIX Payment Services has introduced the cash-back function at POS-terminals in 2017. Within one year of launch the number of in-store cash withdrawals increased by 300%.

Customer loyalty through additional benefits at the POS-terminal

The launch of the new service means that the POS-terminals of SIX Payment Services offer a practical supplementary benefit. In addition to simple and secure card payments customers can also withdraw cash in-store, saving themselves a trip to the nearest bank or ATM, adding another touchpoint to their overall shopping experience.

In order to be able to withdraw cash, customers must make a purchase at denn’s and pay with an Austrian debit card and present their denn's loyalty card. During checkout, the customer can withdraw a maximum of EUR 200 in cash free of charge. The value of goods purchased, as well as the amount of cash withdrawn, is listed separately on the receipt.


Carola Alfery, Marketing Manager for denn’s Biomarkt, says: “We are very pleased to be able to offer this great new service to customers that have a denn’s loyalty card. The new service means our frequent customers can now save time searching for an ATM and can easily and directly access cash during their shopping trip.”

Christian Renk, Head Merchant Services Worldline in Austria, adds: “We are pleased that denn’s Biomarkt is offering its customers access to cash through our cash function which we believe gives real added value to their daily lives. As payments specialists, we want to make the customer experience is as simple and seamless as possible.”

Since November 2018, SIX Payment Services has been part of Worldline, making it the largest European technology partner for banks and retailers.