Worldline’s carbon neutrality commitment is part of an overall environmental strategy to reduce energy use as much as possible, switch to decarbonized and renewable energy and finally, to offset its remaining CO2 emissions by investing in a CO2 offset program.

This achievement is an industry first and a result of Worldline’s ongoing improvement program which began in 2015 with the launch of the Trust 2020 CSR program when Worldline took the important decision to focus on energy efficiency at its data centers, offices, payment terminals, and optimize its business travel arrangements. Following that important decision, Worldline has remained committed to reducing its carbon intensity by 2% each year. Worldline also embarked on an ambitious renewable energies plan in order to achieve powering its data centers and offices solely with 100% renewable energy.

Worldline is now able to provide carbon neutral solutions to its clients, supporting them on their journey towards becoming more sustainable. Put simply, Worldline allows its customers to declare "zero" on emissions from Scope 3 in their GHG balance sheet for services hosted by Worldline. Worldline’s energy efficient and carbon neutral strategy aims to have a positive influence within its ecosystem which includes clients, employees, investors and other stakeholders.