Apple Pay allows customers to pay for their purchases easily, securely and quickly with their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.


Is Apple Pay available for all devices?

The prerequisite for payments with Apple Pay is a terminal that supports Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

All SIX Payment Services terminals are already equipped with this contactless technology and therefore allow merchants to accept Apple Pay payments. Their customers can pay with their Apple device as if they were making a contactless payment via NFC. This method of payment does not require any additional effort or cost for the merchant.

How does Apple Pay work?

The eligible customer (whose bank has a contract with Apple) must first add a credit or debit card in their Apple Wallet application.

For payment, the customer must hold his Apple device near the NFC reader of the payment terminal after having authenticated with his device either by facial recognition or by fingerprint. Payment is made immediately.

The maximum amount of a payment depends solely on the ceiling of the card used.