In its annual acquirer statistics, UnionPay lists SIX Payment Services*, now part of Worldline, in prime position for acquiring volumes in Europe.

The company has been a close partner of UnionPay International since 2006 and provides UnionPay acceptance to its merchant customers in over 30 countries both in shops and in E-Commerce. With its market leading position providing an unparalleled foundation for UnionPay acceptance in many European countries, including Switzerland and Austria,  

Worldline has particularly supported the growth of the scheme’s acceptance network at high-end retailers and in the Horeca sector across Europe. There is even a dedicated UnionPay Hospitality solution in place to cater for the specific needs of the Chinese customers in this important industry. Furthermore, Worldline has ensured 100% acceptance coverage for UnionPay at ATMs in Switzerland. 

Worldline and UnionPay are extending their collaboration continuously; just recently, UnionPay and Worldline announced an agreement to enable card acceptance at some additional 40.000 merchants across the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

On a global level, the combined volume of Worldline accounts for a remarkable number 17 position amongst UnionPay’s international acquiring partners.

With more than 7.5 billion cards, UnionPay is the payment organization with the world’s largest customer base and primarily targets areas that are key to tourists visiting, such as shopping malls, duty free stores, hotels and restaurants.

*Worldline has acquired SIX Payment Services in December 2018, thus making for the largest European payment service provider.