SIX Payment Services supports launch of Bank of China’s new UnionPay Europe Card by ensuring acceptance by more than 100.000 merchants in 32 countries

Selected SIX dealers and UnionPay at the start of the EuropeCard. Left to right: Mr. Cai Jianbo (CEO Union Pay International), Mrs. Monique Jongmans (General Manager Gassan Diamonds Amsterdam), Mr. Jürg Weber (Division CEO Payment Services), Mr. Xu Luode (Executive Vice President Bank of China), Mr. Markus Baumgartner (Area General Manager Beyer Chronometrie AG), Mr. Urs Rüegsegger (Group CEO SIX), Mr. Hanspeter Schraner (CFO Bucherer AG). Photographer: Barbara Werren, Copyright: SIX.

Pan-European payment provider SIX Payment Services, Bank of China and UnionPay have joined forces to support the success of a new credit card, targeting Chinese travelers. European merchants will be able to benefit from the purchase power of a new generation of individual travelers, both in-store and in e-Commerce.

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