It's that time again: On 9 - 10 November 2020, the Swiss Payment Forum awaits you in Zurich.This year you can look forward to exciting presentations on technology and payment trends 2020. Interesting keynotes will provide inspiring insights into the transfer of knowledge between Far Eastern and Western culture and offer a slightly different perspective on digitalisation. In addition, Christian Baumann, our Global Head Digital Retail, an Daniel Haas, Head of Commercial Acquiring, will give an informative presentation on the current possibilities and technologies of mobile payment.

Further highlights and presentations:

  • Real-Time-Payments: Development, added value and effects of instant payments
  • Secure Payment Apps: these are the challenges
  • Samsung Pay - Development and outlook internationally and in Switzerland
  • The importance of digitisation for our society
Date  9th and 10th November 2020

Monday, 9th November 2020:                8.15am – 7.30pm

Tuesday, 10th November 20120:           8.15am – 4.30pm

Event location              Zurich Marriott Hotel
Neumühlequai 42
8006 Zurich 

Christian Baumann, Global Head Digital Retail,

Worldline/SIX Payment Services

Daniel HaasHead of Commercial Acquiring,

Worldline/SIX Payment Services

Das Smartphone am Puls des Bezahlens (Speech will be held in German)

· Merchant Wallet
· Mobile Payment: current possibilities and technologies


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