The new debit cards

The new debit cards

Debit Mastercard and Visa Debit

The card organisations Mastercard and Visa are launching new debit cards

The introduction of the new debit cards Visa Debit and Debit Mastercard will make shopping even more attractive for consumers. Merchants and their customers will benefit from additional options that were not previously available with Maestro and V PAY. Opening up online shopping offers the greatest added value for both merchants and customers in this context. That is because these cards make it easier for anyone who does not have a credit card to shop on the internet.

What the new debit cards can offer

The new debit cards can do everything that their predecessors (Maestro and V PAY) can do – and quite a bit more. They can be used globally at any ATM to withdraw money and to make cashless and contactless payments wherever the Mastercard or Visa symbol is on display. In addition, the new debit cards make online shopping and shopping via smartphone easier. The debit cards can also be easily linked to Apple Pay, for example, allowing mobile payment by smartphone, smart watch and tablet.

In summary, the new debit cards offer the full cost control of a debit card combined with the ability to make online payments and global acceptance.

How to recognise the new debit cards

  • Previously, debit card numbers had 19 digits but the new debit cards have 16-digit numbers like credit cards. This means that consumers can pay in online shops by debit and credit card if the Mastercard or Visa symbol is displayed.
  • The “debit” symbol appears on the front of the new debit cards. This means that you can immediately tell that the card in question is a debit card.

Debit, credit, prepaid... what are the differences?

Debit cards

The distinguishing feature of debit cards is that the amount is debited to the account immediately (pay now).

Credit cards

The key characteristic of a credit card is that the debit is made from the account at a later date. The purchase price is not taken directly from the account, rather the bank pays it in the first instance. The amount is debited to the customer’s account on a monthly basis as a part of the total amount of all payments made (pay later). Credit cards often come with travel insurance included.

Prepaid cards

A prepaid card is topped up with an amount before it is used and can then be used to make payments until the credit has been used up. Of course, the process can be repeated as often as necessary.