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myPayments CSV Report Processor Specification


Each record of the CSV merchant notice has exactly one settlement entry segment. This corresponds a single entry within a settlement. The total amount settled by a settlement is the net sum of each settlement entry (“Gross amount” + “DCC kickback” + “Service fee”) within this settlement segment.

Diners Club

Beyer Chronometrie: Higher sales with the acceptance of the Diners Club card


“Diners Club members expect their card to be welcome everywhere – including Beyer Chronometrie.” - Markus Baumgartner, Sales Manager, Beyer Chronometrie AG

Swissbiomechanics: Never Change a Winning Team!


“The good experience we’ve had with SIX Payment Services encouraged us to extend our existing acquiring contract. As they say, you should never change a winning team!” - Christian Kryenbühl, Management, Swissbiomechanics AG


Gundel Restaurant: DCC makes our customers feel at home


“Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) lets us offer our international customers genuine added value. Today one in every two guests takes advantage of DCC and profits from the exchange rate guarantee. That’s worthwhile – for us as a restaurant too.” - Attila Bándoli, Co-Managing Director, Gundel Restaurant in Budapest (Hungary)

SBB: The smartphone as a ticket dispenser for greater flexibility while travelling


“The strong growth of smartphone is increasing the importance of m-commerce. Just look around on our trains and you’ll see: more and more guests show their mobile tickets to the conductor on their mobile phones, instead of classic paper tickets.” - Roger Grüring, SBB, Head of E-Marketing & E-Platforms

Żabka Polska: Customized and individual – even with 2,600 payment terminals


“Thanks to SIX Payment Services, our customers can pay for their purchases and take care of bills with a payment card in all 2,600 Zabka store locations. I am enormously pleased and proud to say that we are the first and only retail chain in Poland to offer this service.” - Artur Szymoniak, Services Development Director, Żabka Polska S.A.


Casagrande & Co: Higher sales and customer satisfaction thanks to UnionPay


“In our experience, customers of our souvenir and watch specialty stores frequently purchase significantly more when using a payment card than when paying cash. Credit and debit cards always drive sales.” - John Casagrande, Co-Owner of Casagrande & Co., Lucerne, Switzerland