How do I clean my terminal the right way?

Important: treat your terminal like a smartphone or notebook. Do not use cleaning agents that you would not also use to clean these devices.

Choosing the right cleaning agent

We recommend using a solution of at least 70% ethanol and water. Do not use ordinary cleaning agents or disinfectants, as they could damage your device. Also refrain from using harmful products such as solvents like acetone or white spirit. Do not use isopropanol.

Cleaning the display

Clean the display of your terminal with an antistatic cloth.

Cleaning the card reader

Clean the card reader with our cleaning cards. Insert the white cleaning card into the card reader and pull it out again. Do this several times, always using the same side of the cleaning card.
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How often should I clean my terminal?

If only a handful of people use your terminal every day, a daily cleaning is sufficient. However, if you carry out numerous transactions in a single day, we recommend cleaning your terminal several times daily.

Following these simple steps will help you to protect and reassure your customers and employees that your organisation is doing everything it can to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.