Payment terminals

Payment terminals

Be as independent as your customers. Because quality matters.

The ideal device for every application

SIX has a wide range of secure, reliable and efficient terminals available that make cashless payments a breeze.

Whether you are a large or small enterprise operating in retail, catering, service provision or another branch entirely, SIX has the right terminal and the ideal cashless payment solution for you and your customers.

To get started with card payments, all that most small businesses need is a payment terminal that isn’t integrated into the cash register. It couldn’t be simpler to register, set up or use the terminals: simply plug in the cable and your customers can use their preferred card to start paying for their goods quickly and conveniently.

The standard solution for rapid cashless payments at the point of sale guarantees maximum efficiency even when dealing with a high number of customers. This is in part thanks to contactless technology, which SIX provides for its POS-integrated payment terminals as standard.

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