Payment facilitators

Payment facilitators

Join the European market now

Entry to the European market has never been easier.

With Worldline, one of the largest processors of card transactions in Europe, you as a payment facilitator can be sure you have the right partner at your side. SIX has been active throughout Europe for years, and offers smooth and cross-border payment processing.

Worldline solutions have the technical and process-relevant requirements for integrating payment facilitators. The competent customer service completes the offer.

Why Worldline is the right partner for you:

Active throughout Europe

We enable smooth cross-border payment processing.

Broad range of currencies

We accept over 100 and reimburse 20 currencies.

In your language

We offer customer service in all major languages and there is a single service centre near you for all your needs.

Maximum security

We offer the highest security standards and the most effective fraud prevention.

Seamless payments

We connect your sales channels in your face-to-face and online business.

Flexible reimbursement

We adapt the reimbursement process to your business and needs.

Modern interfaces

Our JSON/RESTful APIs for merchant onboarding and processing transactions meet the highest demands.

Added-value services

Our Dynamic Currency Conversion generates additional turnover.