Acceptance of TWINT

Acceptance of TWINT

So that your customers can soon pay with TWINT

TWINT is the ideal introduction to the world of mobile payments. SIX Payment Services also offers several solutions for processing TWINT payments: It’s easy to integrate TWINT into your payment terminal, e-commerce or cash register (using the Beacon add-on).

On this page, you will find all the relevant information about acceptance of TWINT – be it in e-commerce or face-to-face business.

TWINT in e-commerce

TWINT is a simple and fast payment solution for e-commerce. Make payment easier for your customers and integrate TWINT into your online or app store. The check-out process is simple, as the user is not required to enter data manually. TWINT connects via the payment service provider.



What you need to consider

Take out a TWINT acceptance contract

Contact us for TWINT acceptance so that we can make you an offer.

Contact your payment solution provider

In order to connect to TWINT as a payment method in your payment solution, contact your payment service provider.

Check the interfaces

Contact your IT department or your online shop provider to ensure that the interfaces are current.

Update the payment method overviews

Ensure that TWINT is added to the payment method overview pages in the online shop, or adjust any pre-selections.



More information on integration

TWINT payment terminals

Use your existing infrastructure and accept TWINT on your payment terminal. TWINT works on both fixed and mobile stand-alone and POS-integrated payment terminals with a display. The QR code generated is shown on the display and scanned by the TWINT app user.



What you need to consider

Take out a TWINT acceptance contract

Contact us for TWINT acceptance so that we can make you an offer.

Contact your payment terminal manufacturer

Clarify with your terminal manufacturer whether the payment terminal locations are suitable for online transactions, whether the terminal type you use has a QR-enabled display or whether a software upgrade is possible.

Check the interfaces

Contact your POS integrator so that they can integrate the TWINT Brand ID and check the integration set-up.

Test your installation

Check your installation in the ETU test environment and carry out pilot testing in one of your stores, if necessary.



Detailed information for POS integrators

TWINT-enabled payment terminals

"Choosing TWINT means you have chosen an unbeatable payment method – thank you very much. Because TWINT reduces the check-out process in e-commerce for your customers and you benefit from a significantly lower cancellation rate than with conventional payment methods. Real added value for you and your customers."

Marc Schluep, CEO, SIX Payment Services

Our TWINT toolkits

We offer a variaty of documents and information. However most of the information is in German, French and Italian only. Please concult the requested language to get the full overview of the available information.

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