How have Swiss online retailers got through these current times of crisis?

Since March 2020, the coronavirus crisis has given online trade in Switzerland a strong growth spurt of over 20 percent. 82 percent of online merchants surveyed even expect sustained growth. This growth, however, poses new challenges for online merchants in Switzerland.

The key findings of the survey show that those merchants who are broadly positioned in digital sales in particular coped with the coronavirus crisis relatively well. Thus for the majority of merchants, the importance of the omni-channel approach was the key issue. With the online shop and sales being made via digital marketplaces, e-mail, WhatsApp, etc. and a standard payment solution that works for all point of sales, not only was it possible to offset those drop in sales at the physical point of sale, it also provided a seamless and interconnected shopping experience for the customer. However, with flexible change and rapid growth in e-commerce, logistical challenges in the areas of procurement, order processing, distribution and customer service should not be underestimated.

Other interesting topics covered by the study include the challenges of cross border e-commerce, means of payment trends in e-commerce and much more.

The study was supported by Worldline and other partners.

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