After two boom years in 2020 and 2021, growth for most online merchants has now weakened somewhat. The growth rates are roughly at the same level as before the coronavirus crisis.

For the first time, various success factors for online retail were examined in the study. For three out of four merchants, the quality of products emerged as the strongest success factor, followed by exclusivity, which was important for more than half of them. As in other areas of the economy, the major challenges in online retail at the moment are the procurement of goods and rising costs.

Payment by invoice and credit card are still the standard means of payment. For 41 percent of online retailers, payment by invoice accounts for more than a 50 percent share in turnover. At 20 percent, payment by credit card accounts for a very large share in turnover. In 2022, TWINT is the second most important means of payment in Switzerland, both in terms of its use and the share in turnover for online merchants. But mobile payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay, which can be offered in e-commerce through the Worldline e-payment solution Saferpay, are also becoming increasingly popular among the online merchants surveyed this year.

These and many more exciting results are the outcome of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences School of Management and Law surveying over 625 online shops.

The study was supported by Worldline and other partners.

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