Bitcoin Suisse and Worldline

A revolutionary partnership – payment with Crypto Payments

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What product does Bitcoin Suisse offer with Worldline?

" We at Bitcoin Suisse are, of course, particularly proud to be able to work with Worldline, one of the largest acquirers there is, with such a broad merchant base. And we are convinced that, together with such a large partner, we can promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies through our joint payment solution and also continue to reduce any concerns that remain in society. "

Nina Attinger, Business Development Manager

Crypto Payments explained without the fuss, by Bitcoin Suisse

In these explanatory videos, you will learn everything you need to know about Crypto Payments and how they are revolutionising payment transactions. Dive in and learn from Nina Attinger how easy it is to accept payments in cryptocurrencies and benefit from the advantages of this innovative technology. Offer your customers another secure and convenient payment option with Worldline Crypto Payments.

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Who is Bitcoin Suisse?

Bitcoin Suisse is a Swiss financial services provider specialising in cryptocurrencies. With extensive expertise, they offer first-class services in crypto payments, asset management and crypto trading. As a pioneer in the industry, they facilitate access to cryptocurrencies and promote their acceptance. They are driving the development of the cryptocurrency landscape through partnerships and collaborations, such as the one with Worldline.


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