Industry solutions

Industry solutions

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Cashless payments really pay off – For your business

No matter what your industry, SIX always has the perfect cashless payment solution on hand – precisely tailored to the specific requirements of your chosen field.

Different industries have different requests and requirements, even when it comes to cashless payments. To meet every aspect of these specific challenges, SIX has developed a wide range of exclusive industry-specific solutions. We have taken countless factors into consideration, from acceptance of your customers' preferred cards, to various processing services and specialized payment terminals. All of SIX’s industry solutions are characterized by superb reliability and maximum flexibility. They feature a range of customer-focused value added services and can be easily integrated into existing payment infrastructures and back office systems.

  • Retail


    Even though there are a multitude of different industries and businesses involved in retail, they all have one thing in common: customer satisfaction is their top priority. At SIX, we are proud to contribute towards customer satisfaction with industry-specific solutions that make cashless payments even more convenient and efficient.


If you sell fashion, you have to be flexible: customers frequently want to return goods they don’t like or which don’t fit. SIX took this into consideration when designing its fashion industry solution, which features a simple function for refunds. Needless to say, our solution is also equipped with dynamic currency conversion and other customer-friendly value added services.


No matter whether you’re a supermarket or a specialty business focusing on gourmet delicacies: if you sell food, you also sell sensual delights and lust for life. With the industry solution from SIX, you can rest assured that your customers will enjoy their entire shopping experience – from start to finish. Cashless payments using a credit or debit card increase the overall convenience, security and efficiency of the customer experience.

  • Hospitality


    The hospitality industry places particularly high demands on cashless payment systems. Hospitality covers a wide variety of customer segments – from people dining at local restaurants to business travelers from other cities, through to large international tour groups. SIX’s solutions for the hospitality industry feature a wide range of first-class payment terminals, as well as a variety of value added services for boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.


You make sure that your local and international guests are well looked after. And we make sure that cashless payments are a breeze in your cafe, bar or restaurant. How? With reliable card acceptance, stationary and mobile payment terminals, seamless integration in your infrastructure, as well as value added services such as dynamic currency conversion and the automated processing of tips.


In your hotel, guest house or bed & breakfast, the focus should be on your guests – not the processing of payments. Our hotel industry solution provides a variety of fast and simple payment options, from card payments (including dynamic currency conversion on request) to long-distance payments via telephone, fax, email, as well as electronic and mobile commerce.


When your customers pull into a gas station, they don’t want to lose any time. At SIX, we understand this, which is why we created a special industry solution for gas stations and their associated shops. With international acceptance of all standard credit, debit and fuel cards. With a large selection of first-class payment terminals for indoor and outdoor use. And it’s all perfectly integrated into your existing infrastructure.


If you sell services (access to telephone, internet or multimedia services) and products (mobile phones, telephones, tablets, etc.), you need to offer your customers a variety of payment options. SIX provides you with exactly the kind of multichannel solutions you need in your line of work – as well as a large number of customer-friendly value added services.

Health & Beauty

When it comes to fitness, wellness and cosmetics, customer well-being is obviously your primary concern. With our industry solution, you can rest assured that your customers will still be feeling great after they’ve settled their bills. We offer 100% card acceptance and value added services such as dynamic currency conversion and the automated processing of tips, all of which makes payments simple and stress-free.

Public transport

When the train, bus or tram arrives, no-one enjoys searching for small change. Make your passengers’ lives easier – with our industry solution for public transport. Fast and intelligent payment options across multiple channels are complemented by user-friendly, sturdy and weatherproof payment terminals. 


Time is money – particularly when it comes to parking. As a car park operator, you can make it significantly easier for your customers to come and go. The SIX industry solution for parking providers ensures seamless procedures and stress-free processing, thanks to features like the contactless payment function that comes as standard with our payment terminals.

Big business

Large companies have a particular interest in quickly and efficiently processing cashless transactions. After all, a customer who doesn’t have to wait is a happy customer. With this industry solution for big businesses, SIX provides everything you need to increase efficiency – from process optimization to seamless integration in your infrastructure and intelligent reporting.

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