Nouveau certificat pour Saferpay


With global security threats constantly shifting, the security of our merchants continues to be of paramount importance to us. To protect our merchants from current and future threats, our SSL security certificate for is changing from SHA-1 to SHA-256.

The new SHA-256 certificate has already been installed in the Saferpay testing environment. Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA-1) is not supported on the test system.
As soon as you can exchange notifications successfully with our test system, you have confirmation that your system supports SHA-256.
We recommend, however, carrying out a complete order and payment process with the Saferpay test system.

Affected interfaces

Saferpay https Interface (HI)

Saferpay HI can be called up via the following URL:

You can find the HI functions under the Payment Payment Page Spezifikation on page 13 of Chapter 4 and in the Authorization Interface Specification on page 12 of Chapter 4.

Saferpay Client Library

Old versions of Saferpay .NET Library and Java Client Library do not support SHA-256 and must be updated.

C++ Client does not support SHA-256. If you are still using C++ Client, you need to replace it with Java Client or Saferpay JSON API.

You can download the current Saferpay Clients in the Backoffice downloading area.

The current version of Java Client Library is 2.1.1.
You can query the version via the command line:

java -jar Saferpay.jar -h

The current version of Saferpay .NET Library is 2.2.
You can find out which version of .NET Library you are working with by selecting the "Details" tab of the file com.saferpay.Client.dll under "Properties".

You can find information about the client libraries under Payment Page Specification on page 6 of Chapter 2.

Java LIB is configured with the test account using the following call:

java -jar Saferpay.jar -conf -p -r -u e401860001 -w 6JE54wBz

.NET Client can also be configured with a command line call:

saferpay -conf -p . -r -u e401860001 -w 6JE54wBz

You can call up all command line call options via Help:

saferpay.exe -h

If you wish to configure .NET Client with the GUI, you need to download the adjusted .NET Client for the Saferpay test system from the downloading area.

Saferpay Batch Processing

If Saferpay Batch Processing files are uploaded automatically, you must check whether Secure Hash Algorithm 256 (SHA-256) is supported.

You can find instructions about automated file uploads under Batch Processing Specification on page 16 of Chapter 5.

The URLs of the Saferpay test system for automated uploads and downloads are:

Saferpay X-Terminal

You will find an X-Terminal for the testing environment in the downloading area of the Saferpay test system.

Test SHA-256 Certificate

Saferpay Test Account

You can test SHA256 compatibility in the Saferpay testing environment ( 

- Saferpay Backoffice access
- Saferpay Test Account-ID: 401860-17795278
- Username: e401860001
- Password: 6JE54wBz
- Https Interface access password (spPassword): 8e7Yn5yk

Access Data For The Saferpay JSON API
- Basis-UR:
- Basic Authenticatoin Password: API_401860_81002685
- Basic Authenticatoin Username: C-y*bv8346Ze5-T8