Using card purchases to analyze customers

Merchants get to know their customers even better with myAnalytics from SIX. To develop the data analytics tool, SIX turned its mind in part to Alpine funicular operators with their diversified commercial offerings.

Swissminiatur in Melide in the morning, the Lion Monument in Lucerne in the evening. In between, two hours’ time on the Stanserhorn, Titlis or Pilatus. For a Chinese tourist, the first day of a two-day tour of Switzerland looks something like that. Two days for all of Switzerland? That has to suffice because many Chinese receive just ten vacation days a year. That makes them all the more generous with their spending. Chinese tourists in Switzerland spend CHF 330 per day on average. German tourists, for example, spend less than half that amount. Alpine funicular operators have a keen interest in those CHF 330, or at least in the portion that they pocket on the mountain peak. They take a precise interest in those two hours during which Chinese tourists enjoy the Alpine panorama. During that brief time, they want to perfectly cater to the tourists’ wishes. To do that, they need to know their preferences. Finding them out has become a lot easier since May 2016, when SIX began offering a new ­service – myAnalytics – to merchants equipped with the appropriate terminals.

Funicular operators aren’t the only ones who receive valuable information about their business and customers through their online client portal. myAnalytics delivers answers to numerous questions pertinent to businesses, like: What countries do my customers come from? How much do they buy from my competitors? How loyal are they? When do they do most of their shopping? What are my best sales channels?