New certificate for


Global security threats are constantly changing and the security of our retailers continues to be our top priority. 

After Symantec’s repeated violation against the guidelines and regulations for issuing SSL certificates, all certificates issued by the company will be declared void by Google in October 2018 at the latest.

As a result, the Chrome browser in particular made available by Google will display corresponding warnings.

In order to still ensure a smooth process for you and your customers, the Symantec certificate we use for will be replaced on 21 November 2017!

Which services will be affected?

  • Saferpay JSON API
  • Saferpay HTTPS Interface
  • Saferpay Client Libraries (Java and .NET)

What do I need to do as a retailer?

There are normally no measures that need to be carried out, and the switchover should have no effect on your system and the sale, as certificates are usually managed and verified automatically.

In certain cases, however, the certificates from the server in question – on which your shop or the like is installed – are managed manually in what is known as a “Trust Store”.

All trustworthy certificates must be updated in this Trust Store to make sure that the server continues to trust our web services.

The best thing you can do is contact your system administrator or shop operator so that the certificate is added to the respective Trust Store in time should it be necessary!



The new certificate for can be downloaded here.

I use Chrome. Do I need to do anything? What about other browsers (Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc.)?

If you use Chrome, then there isn’t much you need to do. Google will make new updates available automatically. Just make sure to keep your browser updated.

Other browser providers have not yet reached a conclusion. However, it may also be the case here that possible changes by browser providers are made available with relevant updates.