Change of Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

New certificate for

Who will configure the certificate in my shop system?

In our shop-installation, we use the official Saferpay plugin provided for integration by customweb. Do we need an update or can we continue using the existing plugin?

Do we also need a new certificate to access the Saferpay Backoffice using Mac / Linux.

Which systems are affected by the change of certificate?

Are there any installation instructions that we should follow for renewing the certificate?

We use a Java library. Do we need to renew the certificate as well?

We use the local Saferpay Client. Do we need to create a new key directory?

Does the certificate renewal also affect the SFTP service for CDS files?

Is it necessary to pre-install the certificate in the browser, or will this also be issued on an ad hoc basis?

We use the local Saferpay Client. Do we need to install the new certificate?