Data Security and PCI DSS

The credit card organizations have launched the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) security program in order to prevent the fraudulent and unauthorized use of credit cards.

Please take note of the PCI DSS guidelines when designing the payment process and using Saferpay.

By using the Saferpay Hosted Form, along with the optional Saferpay Secure Card Data (SCD) service, you can structure the payment processes in such a secure manner than no credit card numbers are processed, forwarded or saved on your (web) servers.

When using the Saferpay payment page, cardholders do not enter their credit card number and expiry date within the merchant's e-commerce application, but rather within the Saferpay payment page. As the e-commerce application and Saferpay are operated on physically separate platforms, there is no risk that the credit card data may be saved in the database on the merchant system.

Using Saferpay Secure Card Data or the Saferpay payment page significantly reduces the risk of credit card data being misused and also means there is considerably less work for the merchant as regards the PCI DDS certification process.

Your processor or a company specialized in this area will be able to answer any questions you may have on PCI DDS (see