Never Change a Winning Team!

Never Change a Winning Team!

Christian and Florian Kryenbühl, the two managing directors of Swissbiomechanics AG – a high-tech company producing orthopaedic inlays – talk about their experience with SIX Payment Services and the reasons for extending their contract.

Christian and Florian, which SIX Payment Services products do you actually use in your stores?

Customers in our stores can also pay with Diners Club, Discover and V PAY cards alongside the more common debit and credit cards. We also support dynamic cur­rency conversion (DCC) as a service for our foreign cus­tomers. When it comes to payment terminals, we rely on the quality. As the volume of card payments has risen constantly, we recently started using inBOX, the webportal for credit notices, as well.

You have been a customer of SIX since 1992. What is the secret behind this long-standing business relationship?

C. Kryenbühl: To date, we have only had good experi­ences with SIX Payment Services. It all runs so smoothly. The same is true of the terminals: once installed, they do what they’re supposed to do reliably and efficiently. Why should we even consider a different provider? You know what they say: never change a winning team!

How has things worked out with card payments?

F. Kryenbühl: Card payments make our business pro­cesses easier. It is convenient for our customers to be able to pay without cash as they don’t have to go to an ATM or a bank to withdraw cash first. Preparing invoices would be too time­consuming for us and too uncertain in terms of debtor risk and payment periods. What’s more, our customers from abroad don’t have to worry about changing money when paying by card, as DCC allows them to pay in their home currency. 

Your business relies upon precision and quality. Do you see any parallels here with SIX?

F. Kryenbühl: We do indeed see parallels: we have posi­tioned ourselves as an innovative provider of high qual­ity products that are made to measure in every sense of the word. We appreciate SIX as a provider that similarly targets quality and prioritizes customer satisfaction, not least when rolling out innovative new products.

You recently extended your acquiring contract with SIX Payment Services. Did you consider any other providers?

F. Kryenbühl: Of course we compared the offer from SIX with bids we received from other acquirers. We also had an offer from a trade association. But the quality is right with SIX – and also the price. And switching would have entailed changeover costs that we would prefer to save. 

About Swissbiomechanics

Swissbiomechanics is a spin­off from ETH Zurich, emerging from the family­run Kryenbühl enterprise in 1966. Swissbiomechanics is a leading vendor of clinical running and walking analysis in various prestigious hospitals in Switzerland and leading manufacturer of orthopaedic inlays. The company is well known for its proximity to research and the use of scientific findings. Its objective is to help young and old alike enjoy pain-free mobility and full physical capacity and to promote a high quality of life at work and at play, for everything from grassroots to professional sports. Among others, the company services top athletes like Valentin Stocker and Sanja Richards. Swissbiome­chanics has five outlets. Its product range covers everything from bespoke inlays, walking shoes, ski boots and cycling shoes to running and walking analysis and made­to­measure skis.