Secure E-Commerce – For Better Security  and Increased Sales

Secure E-Commerce – For Better Security and Increased Sales

Jörg Beer, CEO Fleurop-Interflora, talks about Secure E-Commerce, the secure solution over the Internet.

Mr. Beer, what were your reasons for entering into e-commerce?

I will need to elaborate a bit. In the early nineties, we still took conventional orders in stores or via our office. In 1995 – at the dawn of the Internet age – we wanted to move into online sales and were one of the first companies to enable customers to make purchases online. In no time at all, we received a flood of orders. From the beginning, SIX Payment ­Services was the ideal partner for handling cashless payments. It was an investment that paid off. In 2010 alone, we processed more than 230,000 Internet orders – our best result so far.

Why do so many customers use your Web site?

We want to offer our Internet customers a pleasant experience and a great selection of products. This means they can search for flowers according to various categories, seasons and prices, and purchase complementary products. Another reason for our success is that we process orders quickly. Thanks to the SIX Payment ­Services E-Commerce solution, we can offer our customers a quick and easy way to place orders and a secure solution for online card payments. But as a service provider, we benefit as well: the system allows us to reduce the risk of fraudulent or disputed transactions to a minimum.

What has been your experience with Secure E-Commerce?

It has been very good! At the very start, our initial online customers were still somewhat anxious about order processing. But this changed quickly and more and more orders were placed using credit cards. And customers who order extra items such as jewelry or a CD in addition to a bouquet are usually willing to spend more freely. For example, their flower orders exceed those without add-ons by about CHF 15. That, of course, makes me particularly happy.

Where do you see your business in the future?

To meet our customers’ future needs, we intend to establish ourselves in mobile commerce. A Fleurop app for the iPhone is planned for release later this year, followed by another for Android. We have found the ideal partner for this: SIX Payment ­Services, which offers secure m-commerce solutions. This is a great advantage for us.

Are you satisfied with SIX Payment ­Services’s services?

Yes, absolutely! SIX Payment ­Services has been our partner for cashless e-commerce payments for more than 15 years now. Besides the online business, we now also use SIX services in our flagship store in Uster. We appreciate the one-stop shopping that SIX Payment ­Services offers. I can only recommend SIX.

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