Focusing on the guest

Focusing on the guest

With many restaurants in Zurich and Basel's hotspots, Candrian Catering AG is a heavyweight in the hospitality industry. Everything has to work perfectly – and that goes for cashless payments as well. This is where SIX Payment Services comes in.

24 restaurants, 10 bars, 8 cafés, 13 take-aways, a catering service and 2 hotels: Candrian Catering AG offers everything their guests could want. The expansion of Zurich's main station, which opened in June, is also home to five of Candrian Catering AG's outlets. For the first time, the company will use payment terminals integrated into cash registers in the take-aways there. Florian Farine, Head Accounting explains why: "Here it is important to work quickly - thanks to the integrated systems, typing errors can be avoided."

Fast and reliable – for guests...

Speed and accuracy are the magic words here, whether at the terminal, during data processing or for post-processing work. At the terminal, both the integrated system as well as the contactless payment option, in particular, ensure reduced waiting times; that's why employees of Candrian Catering AG like to draw their guest's attention to the contactless function. This is also the case for Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC): "We are sure to explain the benefits of this to our guests. SIX also offers training sessions on this topic for our staff, which is very helpful. Every month I also analyze the DCC report and let our senior managers know where there is still potential," emphasized Florian Farine. When it comes to mobile terminals in particular, customers should be able to rely on a fast and reliable connection. In this respect, Candrian Catering AG is already looking forward to the new yoximo payment terminals, which automatically switch between 3G and WLAN.

... and in the back office

It's not only guests who require speed and reliability; this is also true when it comes to reconciling payments in the accounting department. Candrian Catering AG now uses the reporting software from SIX, which is something Florian Farine is particularly pleased about: "Previously, it was necessary to reconcile all the payments by hand. This took a great deal of time and was less clear. Now the reconciliation process runs on a largely automated basis and we really have a clear view of what is going on. This means we can discover errors immediately and above all, it saves us a lot of time. That is fantastic and I can really recommend it – I should have implemented it earlier." The service packages are also being greeted with much enthusiasm. Candrian Catering AG is particularly pleased that there is a free-of-charge telephone number for dealing with all their enquiries. And with the Pro service package, they get the best support across the board – when a lot is going on, everything really must run smoothly. The reason for working together with SIX is not just this reliability, but also the fact that there is a single point of contact for everything related to cashless payments, as confirmed by Florian Farine: "We pay close attention to with whom we work: It is important that we have strong partners that can provide us with everything from a single source. For example, we are currently also using SIX's online payment solutions. That's a really significant benefit."

Candrian Catering AG

Candrian Catering AG has 24 restaurants, 10 bars, 8 cafés, 13 take-aways, a catering service and 2 hotels in Zurich and Basel. It opened five new outlets as part of the expansion of Zurich's main station in June.