Boost your sales with "Tax-Free"

Boost your sales with "Tax-Free"

You may well be familiar with the scene – long queues at the point of sale because of the time needed to fill in the forms for reimbursing value added tax to your foreign customers. "Tax-Free" can help you.

In conjunction with our partners "Global Blue" and "Premier Tax Free", we are offering the new "Tax-Free" service, which functions very easily via SIX payment terminals* – regardless of whether customers pay by card or in cash. During the payment process select the "Tax-Free" function (when paying by card or in cash), and the documents needed for reimbursement are printed out immediately. The time-consuming business of completing the form is thus eliminated. Which means your customers do not have to stand in long queues, and you save valuable time for your work.

Benefits for you as a merchant

  • Higher sales with lucrative foreign customers

  • More time available to advise customers – more satisfied customers

  • Rapid, automated issuing of "Tax-Free" forms

  • You save space at the point of sale

Benefits for your customers

  • Price advantage on goods purchased

  • Reimbursement facilities on all five continents

  • No long delays at the point of sale for dealing with "Tax-Free" formalities

And it's as easy as this

You can opt for one of our two partners "Global Blue" or "Premier Tax Free" today.
The partner you select will help you to set up the "Tax-Free" function on your payment terminal.

Place your trust in SIX and our partners and take advantage of this attractive service.

Information about our two "Tax-Free" partners:

Global Blue

With its head office in Eysins near Geneva and 1,700 employees in 43 countries on all five continents, Global Blue is an experienced specialist in one of the fastest-growing industries: globe shopping. More than 60,000 travelers a day visit 250 customer service desks worldwide to use the services of Global Blue, which invented the tax-free business.

Premier Tax Free

Premier Tax Free, which offers tax-free shopping services, was founded in 1985. The company operates in 29 countries and works with some of the world's largest retail groups. With many years of experience and expertise, Premier Tax Free offers both merchants and shoppers a unique and extremely convenient tax-free retail experience.