Appealing or appalling? Our readers decide.

We didn't expect so many replies – many thanks for all the detailed comments! Find out what our readers think of the new layout.

Within two weeks of sending out our survey on the redesigned newsletter, we had received a total of 1009 responses. This was far more than expected, and significantly exceeds previous surveys. Thank you very much!

Your opinion in numbers

Definitely appealing: 618
Quite nice: 322
I preferred the way it looked before: 31
Unfortunately appalling: 30
Not clear: 8

From the comments

The colors used in the newsletter received the most comments, both positive and negative: most people thought they were fresh and harmonious, but some found them too bright and gaudy.

The clear layout was greeted positively, although some respondents felt that there was too much empty space with large gaps.

Many of those who ticked "quite nice" on the survey commented that although the layout is good, it doesn't have that certain something that would merit "definitely appealing".

Did you notice?

We have now changed the header image: it failed to please some readers so we hope you like it better now!

We will be glad to take the detailed feedback into account when making future changes to the design.