Opening of the Swiss Finance Museum

Opening of the Swiss Finance Museum

The Swiss Finance Museum at Pfingstweidstrasse 110 opened its doors at the end of June 2017. As the first finance museum in the banking country of Switzerland, it combines historical exhibits with the most innovative multimedia installations. The museum is located in the new global headquarters of SIX, the operator of the Swiss financial infrastructure.

In addition to the origins of our modern economy, the all-new exhibition also illustrates the financial market and its infrastructure. Economic and historic highlights from the biggest and most important securities collection in the world trace the development of the modern financial sector from the 16th to the 21st century, focussing on the dynamic and changing relationships that existed between the finance industry and industrialisation and the great importance of the financial market in the daily lives of each generation.

What is a share? How does trading on the stock exchange work? Will we still pay with cash in the future?

Visitors are invited to learn about key players, processes and developments of the Swiss financial centre in a fun way using audio content, interactive film sequences and touch-screen animation. For the first time, the public is being given access to a simplified version of the training programmes used to train stockbrokers on the Swiss Exchange. The “stock exchange game” allows visitors to experience a whole day at the Swiss Exchange in a condensed form. They can buy and sell shares - but watch out: at the end of the day, the balance will be calculated!

In this year’s special exhibition “Berühmt – Aus der Sammlung des Finanzmuseums” (“Famous - from the Finance Museum’s collection”), you can poke through the lens of securities on the trail of prominent figures in world history: Charlie Chaplin, Maria Theresa, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and more gather at the Swiss Finance Museum for a dazzling encounter.

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Hardturm Park
Pfingstweidstrasse 110
8005 Zurich

Opening times
Monday to Friday 10.00 am – 7.00 pm

Guided Tours
+41 58 399 32 88

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