Working together for a sustainable and innovative infrastructure

Working together for a sustainable and innovative infrastructure

SIX promotes innovation and works with partners on the technologies of tomorrow. Solutions for the process of digitalisation are the focus.

For financial service providers, new technologies require a radical new level of customer insight, challenging classic business models. A good example of this is payment transactions. An important goal for SIX is developing and implementing technologies as quickly and securely as possible for customers. To detect and support trends at an early stage, SIX works alongside numerous partners. By way of example, here is an overview of current joint ventures. 

Together with Digital Asset, SIX is developing a prototype with distributed ledger technology for the Swiss financial market. In addition, both companies are developing a roadmap for further development opportunities which extend across the whole market infrastructure value chain. For SIX, it is vital to look closely at technological opportunities so as to be able to deploy them efficiently for customers at a later date. 

Data protection and security are of paramount importance at SIX. That’s why it is also the declared aim of the partnership with the ZISC (Zurich Information Security Center) at ETH Zurich to anticipate and research future security requirements early on. SIX supports teaching and research on information security at the institute. Special focus is given to the area of cyber security and innovation in the cloud. 

Often, founders don’t have the possibility of developing their ideas or a prototype or of successfully planning the market launch for a product. This is where the F10Accelerator & Incubator helps, which SIX supports as a member. Currently, ten start-ups are at working at F10. Numerous mentors and partners are giving them a jump-start for their future companies.